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Open container is a misdemeanor, usually punished by a fine. In a vehicle with multiple occupants in which no one will take the blame, the officer will often cite the person who is closest to the container. Can you hold an alcoholic beverage in a plastic beer cup while walking along the street? It really depends on the open container laws, for example Las Vegas, you can but other cities you cannot.

Open container laws provide a number of objectives. Most particularly, open container laws mean to:


  • To maintain a respectable quality of life and to keep people from being drunk in public, which equates to less rowdy behavior
  • Preventing car accidents
  • Giving funding for transportation

What are Open Container Laws?


Open container law constrains where people can consume alcohol in public. Exactly what a public place is depends on the specific.


  • Sidewalks
  • Inside a car
  • Front steps entrance of a building
  • Schools
  • Inside a parking lot

Wise Laws deals with many student cases, which may be charged with additional offenses such as minor in possession, or underage consumption. College students may be subject to suspension or expulsion for alcohol offenses that violate school policies when it comes to open container laws.