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Wise Law criminal defense attorneys and lawyers are able to help no matter what the criminal case or legal matter may be; from DUI to rape to hate crimes to manslaughter, we have the perfect criminal defense attorney for you and the most knowledgeable defense attorneys for your specific criminal charge case needs.

Wise Laws is experienced and skilled in dealing a variety of criminal law cases. Please click on the legal topic below that best pertains to you legal situation.  After you have had a chance to review the issue on our site, please feel free to schedule a free consultation with a criminal defense attorney regarding your court matter.

Aiding & Abetting / Accessory Arson Assault / Battery Bribery
Burglary Child Abuse Child Pornography Computer Crime
Conspiracy Credit / Debit Card Fraud Disorderly Conduct Domestic Violence
Drug Cultivation & Manufacturing Drug Distribution / Trafficking Drug Possession DUI / DWI
Embezzlement Extortion Forgery Hate Crimes
Hit and run Identity Theft Indecent Exposure Insurance Fraud
Internet crimes Juvenile crimes Kidnapping Manslaughter: Involuntary
Manslaughter: Voluntary MIP: A Minor in Possession Money Laundering Murder: First-degree
Murder: Second-degree Open Container Law Perjury Prostitution
Public Intoxication Pyramid Schemes Racketeering / RICO Rape
Restraining order violations Robbery Securities Fraud Sex crimes
Sexual Assault Stalking Tax Evasion / Fraud Telemarketing Fraud
Theft / Larceny Wire Fraud

Inividuals all around the nation are unfairly and unjustly accused and often convicted of crimes that they did not commit. There is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this. The U.S. legal system makes you, as a defendent, an underdog the moment you are charged with a crime. It's you versus veteran and government-funded prosecutors that are ready to presume guilt and either put you in jail or get as much money out of you as possible. Here is the big problem. What can you do about it?

Wise Laws Levels the playing field

Wise Laws is connected with a team of experienced and devoted criminal defense attorneys that will fight for your rights. Our criminal defense attorneys have successfully fought countless cases and have come out on top, taking you from being the underdog, to being the winner. It only makes sense to hire an experieced criminal defense attorney and not let your rights be unjustly taken advantage of.

Contact us today to speak with a human being that cares about your case and will be there throughout the whole process. You need a criminal defense attorney that you can trust.