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At Wise Laws, we pride ourselves on quality care and exceptional service and values. We provide each and every client who walks through our doors with a free Bismarck juvenile crimes legal consultation, individualized attention and most importantly practical solutions to dealing with your problem, regards to juvenile criminal charges.

Bismarck ND Juvenile Law and Bismarck Juvenile Delinquency 
Juvenile Law and Juvenile Delinquency can be a result of many factors including: Bismarck North Dakota curfew violations, runaways, arson, trespassing, drug possession, drug trafficking, Bismarck North Dakota marijuana, vandalism, shoplifting, Bismarck ND underage drinking, drunk driving, DUI-DWI, traffic offenses, truancy, violent crimes, murder, assault and battery, Bismarck sex crimes, sexual assault, sexual abuse, statutory rape, stalking, Bismarck gang-related activities, burglary, robbery and animal cruelty.

Bismarck ND Juvenile Criminal Law and Juvenile Criminal Procedure
 Navigating the juvenile justice system can be alarming for not only the Bismarck ND child but also the parties involved. At the Wise Laws Office, we understand the Bismarck North Dakota juvenile justice system can appear confusing and complex, that’s why we are here to help. At Wise Laws we provide each client with an experienced Bismarck juvenile crimes lawyer to make sure that your child is not incarcerated.

We understand a juvenile in Bismarck might not understand fully the consequences of his or her actions, that are why we will assign a team of strategic negotiators, skilled juvenile criminal defense attorneys and paralegals to ensure your child’s rights are effectively and aggressively protected. At the Wise Laws we are not here to judge, we are here to help and we strongly believe that it is better to keep a child at home rather than sent to juvenile detention or worse, tried as an adult.

When seeking the counsel of an experienced Bismarck juvenile crime defense lawyer we will provide with the following valued services:

-Free Bismarck initial consultations with a juvenile attorney
-Frequent case updates and promptly returned phone calls regarding the case
-Personal care and attention by an experienced Bismarck juvenile crimes lawyer
-Practical solutions to the specific needs of Bismarck North Dakota juveniles, parents, and guardians.

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